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The New India Assurance Fire Insurance

•  Fire Insurance is governed by All India Fire Tariff effective from 31.3.2001 issued by Tariff Advisory Committee, a Statutory Body.
•  The Standard Fire and Special Perils Policy covers all properties on land (excluding cost of land), moveable or immoveable, at various locations against named perils.
•  Special Types of Policies are designed for Stocks (declaration and floater), Building, Plant & Machinery keeping in mind the nature of property, proposers requirements and basis of indemnification.
•  Long Term Policies available for Dwellings with suitable discounts in premium.
•  Policy can be extended to cover certain additional perils and expenses at additional premium.
•  Certain perils can be deleted with discount in premium rates.
•  Discount in premium available for good claims experience for sum insured more than Rs. 50 crores in one location and for installation of fire extinguishing appliances.
•  Concept of “one risk one rate”for all properties in an Industrial or Manufacturing Complex, for administrative convenience of the proposer.

Properties that are covered:
All moveable/ immoveable properties of the proposer on land (excluding those in transit) broadly categorised as follows :
1. Building (including plinth and foundations, if required):
•  Whether completed or in course of construction (excluding the value of land).
•  Interiors, Partitions and Electricals.

2. Plant & Machinery, Equipments & Accessories (including foundations, if required)
•  Bought Second hand.
•  Bought New
•  Obsolete Machinery

3. Stocks:
•  Raw Material
•  Finished Goods
•  In process
•  In trade belonging to Wholesaler, Manufacturer and Retailer.

4. Other Contents such as
•  Furniture, Fixtures and Fittings
•  Cables, Pipings
•  Spares, Tools and Stores
•  Household goods etc.

5. Specific Items such as bullion, unset precious stones, curios, work of arts, manuscripts, plans, drawings, securities, obligations or documents, stamps, coins or paper money, cheques, books of accounts, computer system records, explosives.
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