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Bajaj Allianz Medical Insurance

Health Insurance
The worst nightmare that anyone can have is the one when a family member is hospitalized. Today, when everything is uncertain nobody can be sure what will happen. A seemingly small ailment can turn into major one. And what happens when the earning member of your family is hospitalized? But with a policy from Bajaj Allianz you and your family can rest assured!

It is rightly said 'Health is Wealth'. We are all aware that health care costs are high and getting higher. At times, unfortunately we fall prey to unanticipated accidents & illness. Bajaj Allianz promises to stand by you during those difficult times of physical and mental stress. Our Health Guard policy takes care of your hospitalization expenses & also offers a wide coverage of pre & post hospitalization expenses. We are the first company to provide the higher coverage of SI 10 lacs.

•  The member has cashless facility at over 2400 hospitals across India
• The member can opt for hospitals besides the empanelled ones, in which the expenses incurred by him shall be reimbursed within 14 working days from submission of all documents.
•  Pre and post - hospitalization expenses covers relevant medical expenses incurred 60 days prior to and 90 days after hospitalization.
• Cumulative bonus of 5 % is added to your sum assured for every claim free year.
•  Family discount of 10 % is applicable.
• Covers ambulance charges in an emergency subject to limit of Rs. 1000 /-
•  No tests required up to 45 years up to SI 10 lacs*
•  10% co- payment applicable if treatment taken in non-network hospitals. Waiver of co-payment is available on payment of additional premium
•  Pre-existing diseases covered after 4 years continuous renewal with Bajaj Allianz

With a Hospital Cash policy from Bajaj Allianz you and your family can now breathe a sigh of relief! As this is a benefit policy which covers the incidental expenses incurred during the Hospitalization period. In the event of hospitalization this policy provides a cash allowance of Rs 500-2500 for each day of hospitalization.

•  The policy pays a daily allowance as a fixed benefit on hospitalisation
•  The Policy can be taken along with any other health insurance policies.
•  The allowance is doubled in case of ICU admission (for maximum 7 days)
•  Photocopy of discharge card, along with copies of reports, bills and prescriptions required for claims processing. (do we include this in the feature?)
•  The policy can be taken along with any other health insurance policies
•  It is a unique policy covering incidentals or miscellaneous expenses incase of hospitalisation.
•  Covers 10major illnesses like cancer, heart attack, paralysis, etc.
•  The benefit amount is payable once the disease is diagnosed meeting specific criteria and the insured survives 30 days after the diagnosis*
•  Medical examination may be required in some cases based on the age and the benefit amount opted by the propose.

Life is full of uncertainties and unexpected events. Accidents can happen at home, at work, even at play. The death or injury of a breadwinner can create serious financial problems for any family. It is in situation like these, that you need to be prepared. To help you soften the blow Bajaj Allianz offers the Personal Guard cover. Our Personal Guard Policy offers these additional benefits.

•  Covers Death, Permanent Total Disability, Permanent Partial Disability, and Temporary Total Disability
•  Children´s Educational Bonus benefit.
•  Daily hospital confinement allowance payable in case of hospitalization due to accident*
•  Medical expenses reimbursement in case of hospitalization due to accidents*
• if this add-on cover is opted

Health Ensure
In the times of rising medical costs Bajaj Allianz's Health EnSure policy is the perfect health protection for you and your family. It takes care of the medical treatment costs incurred during hospitalization due to serious accident or illness.

•  Pre-existing diseases covered after 2 yrs continuous renewals with us.
•  A flat benefit of 2% of admissible hospitalization expenses are paid towards pre & post hospitalization expenses.
•  Access to 2400 hospitals for Cashless facility
•  In case of admission in non network hospitals the expenses incurred would be reimbursed within 14 days from the date of submission of all documents

Star Package policy is a unique family floater policy which protects your family against various risks and contingencies. It provides a gamut of covers for various health risks, household contents, education grant, travel baggage and public liability all under a single policy. It has 8 sections and you would have to opt for a minimum 3 sections to avail for this policy.

•  Covers Hospital Cash, Health Guard, Critical Illness, Personal accident, Education Grant, Householders contents, Traveling Baggage & Public liability.
•  Family floater can be opted by paying 50% & 25% of self premium for spouse & children respectively.
•  Add on covers can be opted under Health Guard.
•  12 Dreaded diseases are covered under Critical illness.
•  The policy can be taken for maximum 3 years to avoid yearly renewal.
•  10-15% section discount can be availed if 4 or more sections are opted.
•  10-15% Long-term discount can be availed if the policy is taken for 2 or more years.

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