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United India Fire Insurance

Standard Fire and Special perils Policy

We Cover
•  Buildings
•  Machinery and Accessories
•  Stock and stock in process
•  Contents including furniture

What Can Be Insured ?
•  Dwellings, Offices, Shops, Hospitals(Located outside the compounds of industrial/manufacturing risks)
•  Industrial / Manufacturing Risks
•  Utilities located outside industrial/manufacturing risks
•  Machinery and Accessories
•  Storage Risks outside the compound of industrial risks
•  Tank farms / Gas holders located outside the compound of industrial risks

Perils Covered
•  Fire
•  Lightning
•  Explosion/Implosion •  Aircraft damage
•  Riot, Strike
•  Terrorism
•  Storm, Flood, inundation
•  Impact damage
•  Subsidence , landslide
•  Bursting or overflowing of tanks
•  Bush fire etc.

What is not Covered ?
The policy does not cover any loss if
•  Loss or damage to property due to :
•  Spontaneous combustion, fermentation
•  Burning of property by order of any Public Authority
•  Its undergoing any heating or drying process
•  Explosion of boilers (other than domestic boilers)
•  Total or partial cessation of work
•  Permanent or temporary dispossession by order of Government
•  Burglary, House breaking, theft
•  Normal Cracking or settlement or bedding down of new structures
•  War or war like operations
•  Defective design, workmanship, defective materials
•  Pollution or contamination
•  Over-running, short circuit etc.
•  Earthquake
•  Spoilage loss

Add on Covers
Some Add on covers..
•  Terrorism
•  Removal Of Debris
•  Architects, Surveyors, Consulting Engineers fees
•  Earthquake (Fire and Shock only)
•  Spontaneous combustion
•  Startup expenses
•  Spoilage Material Damage Cover
•  Leakage and Contamination cover

These additional covers are available by payment of additional premium

Fire Loss of Profit Policy

Pre-Requisite for the Policy
This policy can be taken only if a Standard fire and Special Perils Policy exists for the risk.

What Can Be Insured ?
•  Net profit due to the stoppage of business as a result of an insured peril
•  Standing charges which continue to accrue in spite of stoppage of business
•  Additional expenditure incurred by the insured to maintain normal business activity, during the period in which the normal business is affected.

Indemnity Period
The indemnity period commences with the date of damage and lasts till such a time as the business is restored to its pre damaged level or the period stipulated policy which ever comes first. The policy insures earnings of the business lost during the indemnity period.

Particulars of cover, liability and exclusion given above are not complete or exhaustive.
Our nearest branch office may be approached for complete details

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