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Tata AIG Home Insurance

Tata AIG Insurance
“Home sweet Home” - a destination, any individual or a family feels very close to the heart. It is an investment of one's lifetime savings, emotional dreams and aspirations to realize their ideal home. Home signifies a set of emotions for any individual, be it pride, ownership, stability or be it a sense of belonging. It echoes the owners' sentiments “It´s my house”.

After all, one´s Home including its contents is the single most important and expensive asset that we have created for ourselves. We have learnt to value life and health sufficiently to understand the importance of insuring it. But when it comes to applying the same logic to our home (around which our lives revolve) most of us suffer a blind spot. It is only when a calamity or catastrophe strikes that we feel helpless.

Home Insurance provides exactly the care one needs at such times - to safeguard against unforeseen eventualities and to preserve one´s lifestyle and that too at an affordable price. You can protect your priceless investment for very little money. Assuming you have possessions worth Rs. 300,000 in your house, you can insure those possessions for as little as Rs. 3 a day - for Fire, Natural Hazards (Flood, Earthquake etc) and Burglary & Theft.

TATA AIG´s HomeSecure takes the bother out of insuring your home. No unnecessary paperwork or awkward questions. Just smooth sailing all the way.

Fire Cover
This policy covers against fire and some special perils listed below. Its attraction is the fact that it gives you this cover for surprisingly little money.

What is this for?
This policy covers buildings (RCC construction) and your household contents. Building value should be equal to present day cost of reconstruction, while contents should be insured for their market value.

Perils Covered
• Fire
• Lightning
• Explosion / Implosion
• Riot, Strike and malicious damage (RSMD)
• Flood, Storm, inundation
• Aircraft Damage
• Impact Damage by any rail/road vehicle or animal (other than damage by own vehicle)
• Landslide, rockslide
• Bursting and overflowing of water tanks, apparatus pipes.
• Missile testing operations
• Bush Fire
• Earthquake & Terrorism can be taken as add-on covers by paying extra premium

It is important that you take care to adequately insure your property. In case the actual value of insured property at the time of loss under Fire Benefit is found to be greater than the sum insured opted by you, then the claim would stand to be reduced in the same proportion.
For complete details, please refer to the policy wordings.
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