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United India Travel Insurance

Travel Policies

Baggage Policy
We Cover
Our Baggage Insurance Policy covers all accompanied baggage during a journey like suitcases,trunks etc., containing the baggage and additions during the journey.

What is Insured ?
•  It covers accompanied baggage(not dealers', stock or travellers samples) during a specified journey (including air travel).Suitcases, trunks etc., containing the baggage and additions can also be insured provided they are declared specifically before the commencement of the journey.
•  The policy provides cover against loss or damage to accompanied personal baggage due to fire, riot and strike, terrorist activity or theft or accident during the course of journey including stoppages en route anywhere in India.
•  Insured and insured's family members in respect of their baggage as specified above.

What will Policy Pay ?
The policy pays for the contents of the baggage damaged/lost due to any of the perils stated above on a strict basis of indemnity.

What is not Insured ?
The policy does not cover loss or damage:
•  To articles of consumable nature, cash, securities, jewellery, precious stones, furs, watches etc.
•  To any property conveyed/transported by a carrier under receipt
•  Due to depreciation, wear and tear, consequential loss, legal liability, theft from unsecured car
•  Due to war perils, nuclear perils, moth, vermin or while cleaning, repairing.

Suhana Safar Policy
We Cover
The policy covers the risks of Personal Accident and loss of Baggage of the insured , spouse and dependent children covered during the period of outstation travel with in India from the declared place of departure(includes places of sojourn).

Coverage available for a single round of travel to the places declared up to the scheduled date of return . Cover available for journeys less than 60 days.

What is Insured ?

Risk Up to Rs.1 lakh per head with reimbursement of reasonable actual emergency incidental expenses up to Rs.1000/- per head both as defined in the policy.

Bodily injury sustained by the insured arising out of an accident resulting in death or disablement within 12 calendar months of the accident will be indemnified.

Loss or damage to the personal effects carried as accompanied baggage due to fire , riots, strike, terrorism, malicious damage , theft , burglary for the actual value of the articles but not exceeding Rs.500/- per article unless specifically declared.

Marga Bandhu Policy
We Cover
This policy covers persons whilst on a tour or a pilgrimage.Groups of individuals who go on study tour, educational trips or pilgrimage. Educational institutions, tour operators, travel agents, clubs, associations etc., who arrange tours, picnics, yatras etc can avail this cover for persons going on tour

What is Insured ?
a) Death or disablement ( Permanent Total or Permanent Partial ) due to accident, hospitalisation expenses
b) additional expenses towards alternative travel arrangement due to detour or cancellation caused by accident to carrying vehicle / train and c) loss / damage to baggage whilst on tour.

What will Policy Pay and How Much ?

•  Death, PTD 100 % Capital Sum Insured ( CSI )
•  Loss of one limb or one eye 50% of Capital Sum Insured

Permanent Partial disablement varying percentages of CSI as per policy

Following covered at an additional premium

•  Medical expenses incurred up to 25% of claim or 10 % of sum insured which ever is lower Loss / damage to accompanied baggage subject to limits of Rs. 1,000/- or Rs. 2,000/- (depending on CSI chosen).
•  Additional expenses incurred towards alternative travel arrangement on account of detour / cancellation subject to a limit of Rs. 1,000/- or Rs. 2,000/- (depending on CSI chosen) - if detour arises by loss / damage to mode of transport by Act of God.

What is not Insured ?

•  Compensation under more than one clause for same period of disability
•  Any payment after admission of a claim for 50% / 100% of CSI
•  Any claim in the same period of insurance exceeding the CSI
•  Suicide, attempt there at, VD, Criminal breach of law, influence of liquor / drugs
•  Pregnancy related claim
•  War and nuclear perils
•  Loss / damage due to cracking, scratching, depreciation, wear and tear
•  Loss / damage to money / securities, manuscripts, documents.

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