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The New India Travel Assurance

Baggage Policy
Salient Feature
Clothing and personal effects normally taken on holiday or other journey By an individual or a party.

Scope of Cover
The insurance covers the property specified in the schedule against loss, Destruction or damage by fire, theft or any other accident or misfortune Whilst in transit by land, water or air in all places and situations throughout The journey or period of insurance and within the limited stated in the Policy.

Some Exclusions:
loss of cash or notes, travel tickets or coupons, travellers cheques or letter of credit, bonds, securities or documents of any kind.

loss of or damage to gold and silver articles, watches, jewellery, trinkets, furs, field glasses, cameras and similar articles exceeding 5% of the Total Sum Insured in value, unless specifically mentioned.

Underwriting Instruction - Notes:
Each item of jewellery, gold ornamenets, etc. is to be specifically Declared for insurance and a valuation certification should be Obtained in respect of such items valued at more than Rs.5,000/-

Where the total value of jewellery, ornaments etc. is in excess of 50% of the total value at risk, an additional premium to be charged on the value of suchy items.

The policy may be extended to cover riot & strike risks by charging An additional premium.

Salient Feature
Travel Insurance is now an essential security tool, to ensure protection against unforeseen accident whilst travelling. Travel has become essential for the average citizen. People travel for business, holiday, education and other requirements. To offer the Indian traveller protection in respect of road/rail travel, National Insurance Company (NIC) has developed a unique product called Traffic Accident Policy.

a) Personal Accident Benefit Part.
This consists of the following benefits if the insured sustains bodily injury due to accident caused by external, violent, visible means.

Death Rs. One Lakh
Loss of two limbs/two eyes/one limb and one eye Rs. One Lakh
Loss of one limb or one eye Rs. Fifty Thousand
Permanent Total Disability Rs. One Lakh

This part of the policy covers death / disability on 24 hour basis and is not limited only to accidents due to rail/road travel, but covers all types of accident.

b) Personal Accident Reimbursement Part.
If the insured person sustains bodily injury which requires medical treatment as advised by a qualified Medical Practitioner arising solely and directly from rail/road accident, the expenses for the medical expenses for treatment as under:-

Hospitalisation expenses for medical / surgical treatment at nursing home / hospital as an inpatient - up to Rs. One Lakh.

Outpatient treatment up to Rs. 10,000/- within the overall limit of Rs. One Lakh above.
Domiciliary hospitalisation is also covered in case the patient cannot be removed to the hospital or for lack of accomodation in hospital.

Premium :
Rs. 150/- for each insured person per year.
The policy has an assignment clause to help the insured to nominate the beneficiary in case of unfortunate death due to accident.

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