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National Shop Insurance

Salient Feature
Building and contents of a small shopkeeper are covered under this insurance. It covers a number of risks under single policy.

Scope of Cover
Section 1: Fire & Allied Perils
This covers loss of or damage to
(a) building and
(b) contents by fire & allied perils.

The maximum S.I. under Section 1 is Rs.10 Lacs. If S.I. exceeds Rs.10 Lacs, usual Fire policy A/B must be issued for the full amount.

Rate of Premium :   2.25 per mille.

Section II: Burglary & Housebreaking
This covers all contents in the premises against the above risks.
The Sum Insured under this section should be the same as the Sum Insured under Section 1 (b).

Rate of Premium :  Rs. 2.50 per,mille.

Section III : Money Insurance
This covers loss of money whilst in transit and whilst contained in a safe/steel cupboard/cash box under lock and key in the Insured premises.

  Rate of premium
a) In transit (not exceeding Rs.50,000 per any one Carrying) between two Places within a radius of 15 miles from Insured premises. Rs.2.55 per mille
b) In safe/steel cupboard/cash box kept under lock/key (2% of the Sum Insured under section 1 or Rs.20,000/- whichever is less) Rs.2.55 per mille
c) In counter (1% of the Sum Insured under section 1 or Rs.10,000 whichever is less) Rs.2.55 per mille

Section IV : Pedal cycle
This cover pedal cycle against loss or damage by fire & allied perils, burglary/housebreaking and accidental external means.
Legal liability upto a limit of Rs.10,000

Rate of Premium :  Rs.20.05 per mille.
Franchise :  Rs.10/- of each and every loss due to accident. If the loss or damage exceeds Rs.10/- the full claim is payable.
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